Since we are all volunteers (many with full time jobs) we love getting emails from our adopters or the people we have helped.

“we wanted to make sure we let you know how thankful we are for all your help and support.  If there is anything I can do please let me know.  Your organization is amazing, professional, and caring.  Thank you again.”   Veronika


angola thank you note


Susan recently adopted Tango, a senior Dalmatian and wanted to share why adopting a Senior dog is the way to go:

“I recently adopted my second senior Dalmatian from SCDR.  Young puppies are hard to resist, all cuteness and innocense.  But I prefer older Dals, for a number of reasons.  Older Dals are often housebroken, and are well beyond the destructive chewing stage.  Most importantly to me, older Dals have moved beyond that boundless energy so characteristic of young Dals.  They may still love a good daily walk, but they won’t drive you nuts with their wild capering.  All dogs can get destructive and “hyper” if they are not exercised sufficiently, and the beauty of an older Dal is that it doesn’t need as much exercise to burn off that energy.  Finally, there’s often a sweetness and an appreciativeness of older Dals that is absent from younger ones.  Senior Dals have often had rough lives and not the best treatment from their previous owners.  So when they get some normal love and TLC, they really recognize it and appreciate it – and they show it with the most loving and devoted attitudes.

Some folks worry about health issues with older Dals, and yes, you need to consider that they may need meds for arthritis and the like.  But dogs of any age can develop cancers, allergies, and urinary stones; such things are part of a dog’s life.  And while it can be hard to realize you may only have an older dog for a short time, there’s great joy and satisfaction in knowing that you may have made its last years the happiest of its life.”