Foster Guidelines

Fostering is the lifeblood of rescue! Selecting qualified foster homes allows us to bring Dalmatians in need into our program and give them a second chance at life. Foster homes provide short-term loving homes for Dalmatians in our program until they are adopted. Our Dalmatians are strays, abandoned or at risk of being euthanized in area shelters. While we try to evaluate these Dalmatians prior to bringing them into rescue, this is not always possible. Foster homes provide for the safety of the dog, monitor health needs, work on housebreaking and other types of training/behavioral issues when needed, provide adequate exercise for the dog, meet with prospective adopters and provide the dog with love, care and compassion.

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If you are interested in fostering, please complete our online adoption application.  Type in the word FOSTER when asked about which dog you are interested in.

Suggested items to have for Fostering:

  • Collar and leash – we recommend using a martingale or no slip collar for all foster dogs and will provide these to you if needed.  (Second Chances ID tags will be provided and should be kept on the dog at all times)
  • Crates – medium to large
  • Dog bed
  • Dog food
  • Water
  • Food and water dishes
  • Camera
  • Files to keep all vet receipts

Vet Needs:

Some dogs will already be vaccinated and spayed/neutered when they come into rescue. Upon receiving your foster dog you will receive a list of what vaccinations they have already received and what they still need. Required vet care if not already provided prior to rescue:

  • Rabies (make sure rabies tag is placed on the dog’s collar)
  • Bordatella
  • Heartworm test and preventative (Heartgard)
  • Fecal sample, any required worming
  • Flea preventative (Frontline)
  • Urinalysis

Because we operate strictly based on donations and adoption fees, it is crucial that we keep our vet costs as low as possible.  We make every effort to bring each dog through our vet in Columbus, Ohio so that the majority of the medical care is completed prior to the dog going to his/her foster home.   However, this is not always possible so each foster (if located outside of Columbus, OH) is encouraged to locate a reputable vet in your area that is willing to work with rescues and offer discount pricing.

In the Columbus, OH area we have established relationships with a veterinarian who offers substantial discounts for rescues.   If you are located in Columbus, OH or the surrounding area you are encouraged to use this vet whenever possible.   Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue has an account set up at both of this office therefore no out of pocket expenses will be incurred by the foster if this vet is used.

  • Gahanna Animal Hospital  144 W Johnstown Road Gahanna, OH 43230

Caring for your new Foster:

An adjustment period should be expected when bringing a foster dog into a new environment. It is imperative that you give your foster dog a chance to settle into your home. Introduce the foster dog to any existing dogs in your home slowly and in a supervised environment (it is beneficial to do the initial introduction outside or in neutral territory if possible).   Keep them apart when feeding until it can be determined whether or not the foster dog is food aggressive.

Report any behavioral issues to your Second Chances contact as soon as they are identified. Please be willing to work through these issues with the foster dog and allowing an appropriate adjustment period.

Foster Dog Information:

Please keep a copy of all vet records in a file that will be given to the adoptive family. This should include a rabies certificate, evidence of spay/neuter and shot records. A copy of all invoices should be sent to SCDR (address will be given to you upon signing a foster agreement).

These invoices will be used to issue reimbursements for charges if needed and as a permanent record for the foster dog.

Every effort will be made to mail reimbursement checks out as soon as funds are available – this may not occur until AFTER your foster dog has been adopted and the adoption fee can be used to cover the dog’s expenses. For emergency medical care or for care other than routine care, arrangements will be made for a Second Chances board member to pay for the care out of the general rescue fund.

The foster home is expected to pay for all food, treats and other incidental items or toys for the foster dog.  If you are going to be on vacation or out of town, every effort will be made to find another foster home to keep the dog while you are away.   However, this may not always be possible.   In the event that you have to board your foster dog those expenses may not be reimbursed.

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Updates and Pictures:

Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue has a listing on Petfinder and lists all available dogs on this site.  Your input is important so that all of the characteristics and the personality of your foster dog are captured in this posting.

After your foster dog has settled in, please take several pictures of him/her. Head shots, full body shots and any others that capture the dog’s personality are best.   Send the photos along with a short bio for your foster dog so that they can be added to the website.

At anytime that you want the bio or photos updated, send them to your Second Chances contact.

We also have an e-mail list for fosters and volunteers and you will have the option of being added to this group. This will allow for everyone to share in the experiences of fostering, offer a place to ask questions, or just get to know the others in the group.

Adoption Process:

Second Chances screens potential adopters very carefully. Most of the dogs that come into rescue were turned into shelters for various reasons and we want to make sure that any perspective adopter is prepared for a lifetime commitment of adopting a dog.

Once an application is received, it will be screened by a Second Chances member.   If the initial screening is satisfactory, the personal references and vet references will be checked and a home visit scheduled.  If the applicant is approved, the potential adopter will be put in contact with the foster home. Your input as a foster is very important – you know your foster dog best and know what kind of home he/she would do the best in. After your input is received, the board will vote on whether or not to approve the family.

Our goal is to make your fostering experience as positive as possible so please feel free to e-mail or call your Second Chances contact at any time.

Thank you for offering your time and heart to help rescue Dalmatians in need!

  • Jenny Brock, Founder and Director