Special Thanks

2009 Contributors and Sponsors

Our rescue would not exist without the support of the following people and organizations. Thank you for helping us help the Dals!

Contributions (total individual contribution of $100 or more)

Clay and Jeri Jennings                                                  Doug and Peggy Warner

Amanda and Allen White                                             Zack Lynn

Chris and Tami White                                                    Ron and Kathy Harmeyer

Beverly Shaklee                                                               Teri Gedek

Laura Shaklee                                                                   Tina Bales

William and Connie Hoyer                                          Tobin and Veronika Sikora

Crystal Foschia                                                                Virginia Huffman

Cindy Burch                                                                       Carol O’Brien

Frank and Sandy Baker                                                 Charo Houston

Jim and Judy Brock                                                        David Lawless

James Donato                                                                    Dawn Hendricks

June Austin                                                                        Debbie Eades

Lauren Emery                                                                   Stephen Mazzella

Patricia McKinney                                                           Tamara Brown

Thomas Slopek                                                                 Wilma Kelch

John and Judy Bender                                                  Elissa Miller

Frances Murphy                                                               Fred Newman

Bonnie and Gary Miller                                                 Richard Simmons

Elayne Boosler                                                                  Heather Fornataro

Janet Barrett                                                                      Janice Vollmer

Kimberly Hess                                                                  Marci McQuern

Marsha Smith                                                                    Martin Meeks

Melissa Rhinehart                                                           Patsy Perkins

Sharon Roy                                                                        Stephanie Dames

Mike & Sherie Fernino                                                  David Cooper

Veterinary Care

  • Gahanna Animal Hospital          Gahanna, Ohio
  • East Plano Animal Hospital       Plano, Texas
  • Harrison Animal Hospital          Harrison, Ohio

Local Businesses

  • Waggin Tails                                             Plano, Texas
  • Central Bark USA                                   Broadview Heights, Ohio
  • All About Dogs Grooming Salon     New Stanton, PA
  • Columbus Top Dogs                             Columbus, Ohio
  • Bark Til Dark Dog Park                        Delaware, Ohio

Donations made ‘In Honor Of’

Made By In Honor Of

Cecil & Geiser LLP                                                  Zack Lynn

Susanne Roderick                                                  Rachel York

Jeff Whitting                                                             Zack Lynn

Julie Hall                                                                   Geneva Burke

Kristin Bianca                                                          Petie Bianca

Stephanie Berghausen                                         Zack Lynn

Montgomery Care Center                                   Tami White

Terry Weaver                                                           Robert Krueper

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