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The following is a list of dogs whose medical fees/shelter fees/boarding fees have exceeded our adoption fee of $250.

Read their brief story next to their name, or e-mail us for more details on their situation if you would like.  Please consider making a donation to help cover their medical costs.  We will not refuse to take a Dalmatian into rescue just because he/she is ill or needs medical treatment.  Even if a dog has been adopted, it doesn’t mean their bills have been paid off!!   We do not require adopters to pay anything more than the $250 adoption fee, regardless of how much we have spent on a dogs medical care.    However, this does become costly for us!   We hope supporters will help us get the bills paid and continue our efforts!







Zoe was rescued from a shelter in South Korea.  In November of 2010 we rescued Hugs and Kisses from the same shelter.  Zoe came to us in November of 2011 because her owner passed away.  She is the mom of Hugs and Kisses so we felt obligated to rescue her as well.  We paid to have her flown from South Korea to the states and she began heartworm treatment immediately.

Total Vet/travel Bills to date: $2100



Sehla is a 10 year old Dalmatian mix who was taken to the shelter by her owners.  Upon examination when she first came into rescue we found that she had a fairly large mammory tumor.  Unfortunately, after removal and a biopsy, it was determined that it is cancerous.  It is a carcinoma so while the tumor was removed, there is a 63% chance that it will return.  If this happens, this type of cancer usually returns in the lungs and she would only have about 2 years to live.  She is loving life with her current foster family, she loves the water and taking hikes.

Total Vet Bills: $767.80 (Update: Adopted!!)


Mandee is an adorable 2 year old Dalmatian who was surrendered by her family because they did not have time for her.  Unfortunately, their holistic method of heartworm prevention was not effective as she was heartworm positive with a very severe infestation which caused her heart to be enlarged.  During one of the rounds of treatment, it is believed she suffered a mild stroke which caused her to loose her ability to walk and threw off her equilibrium.  After several days of hospitalization, she was stablized and able to return to her foster home.  She has completed all of her treatments now and is fairly healthy without any long term effects of the stroke and treatment.  She has been adopted by the family who fostered her and cared for her while she was ill.

Total Vet Bills: $1800


Zeus is a sweet boy who was taken to the shelter because his family could no longer care for him.  Upon getting Zeus into his foster home, he became anemic and lethargic.  After a trip to the Emergency Vet and lots of bloodwork and xrays, it was determined that Zeus had a severe case of pneumonia, most likely gotten at the shelter as a form of Kennel Cough that turned into the dog flu.

Luckily, Zeus fully recovered and has been adopted!

Total Vet Bills: $850


Tyler came to us from a shelter in TN in January 2010.  He was in pretty bad shape, emaciated, with many scrapes and sores and a huge mass on his back knee.  Add to that the poor guy was heartworm positive.  Luckily, after surgery to remove the mass, the biopsy confirmed it was not cancerous.  Tyler had a rough time with the heartworm treatment and had to be hospitalized several times for observation.  Today, Tyler is 100% healthy and despite everything he has been through, he has a truly loving personality.  Tyler is still waiting to find his forever home!

Total Vet Bills: $2000 (Update: Adopted!)


Xena came to us from a shelter after her owners turned her in because they could no longer care for her.  After being in rescue for a few weeks it was apparent that she was sick.  After evaluation by several doctors and many series of tests and bloodwork, it was determined that she may have Copper Associated Liver Disease.  After two liver biopsies it was concluded that this is the proper diagnosis.  Xena will be on a course of several medicines for the next 3-6 months to try to reduce the level of Copper in her system.  If that is successful, she will be on additional medication and a special diet to help reduce the changes of the copper building up again.  Xena’s foster mom has decided to adopt her so she is in a forever home now.

Total Vet Bills: $1200.00


On 4/22/2010 a stray Dalmatian was found in Arlington, TX and was taken to a local shelter.  The shelter workers noticed he was not putting weight on one of his back legs.   X-rays revealed a severe fractured femur.  He sat at the shelter until 4/28/2010 when his stray hold was up and we immediately picked him up and took him to our veterinarian to be examined.

We have decided to name this boy Hero – he sat in the shelter with a fractured leg for 6 days.  He is now under medical care, receiving pain medicine and is set to have surgery on Friday (4/30/2010).  The surgery will require realigning the bone and inserting a pin and/or plate to stabilize the leg and allow it to heal properly.

The cost of the surgery is approximately $2200.00  Please consider making a tax deductible donation today and become a Hero!

5/1/2010 Update: Hero had his surgery and it took nearly 5 hours to complete.  The fractured bone had started to calcify in the broken position to that had to be fixed before the bone could be repositioned and fixed.  He has several internal and external pins and will require at least 8 weeks of healing time.  X-rays will be taken every week or two initially to make sure everything is healing properly.  He is in some discomfort but on pain medications and he is alert.  In fact, he has chewed through 2 IV lines so he is a spunky guy!  He is walking but not putting weight on the leg but when you take off the e-collar, he thinks it is time to run!  The vet staff adore him and he is getting all the TLC he needs until he can go to his foster home for the aftercare.  Thank you to those who have donated so far, it is greatly appreciated and this boy sure deserves it!

Hero has been adopted by one of the vet techs who was caring for him the many months he spent at the vet clinic!!



gabby car

Gabby is a sweet 2 year old whose owners dumped her at the shelter.  We couldn\’t figure out why because she is the sweetest, most loving, entertaining petite little girl!  Then we discovered she has not one but two bad knees.  She has a luxating patella in both back legs.  This means that when she plays or exercises her knee caps slip out of place becoming dislocated and painful to her.  She is going to have surgery on 1/7/2010 to fix both knees!  She will have to endure 6-8 weeks of rehabilitation but after that she will be as good as new.  Update: unfortunately we have sad news to report.  The surgery in Gabby\’s right leg did not take and she has to have that knee operated on AGAIN.  This poor little girl has been such a trooper, we are hoping for a speedy recovery after the second surgery which will take place on 2/18/2010.   In this photo, Gabby is doing her physical therapy on the underwater treadmill!

Gabby has been adopted and is now living in a wonderful home where she runs and plays with her knees being as good as new!Gabby on treadmill

Cost of Surgery and Rehabilitation: $2100


Bliss (1)

Bliss came to us a shell of a dog.  We do not know her history because she was found as a stray.  However, this little girl appeared to have lost her will.  She was depressed, frightened, and showed no response to human touch and affection.  Physically she wasn\’t in much better condition with substantial hair loss, fleas, and lots of cuts and sores.   She was also deathly ill with a fever, severe cough and congestion which turned into pneumonia.  After months of treatment and TLC, Bliss finally started to feel better and began to trust people again.  Bliss is now in a forever home!

Total Vet Bills: $1059


Murphy is a 14 week old male dalmatian puppy who fell and broke his leg. His owners asked the vet to put him to sleep because they couldn\’t afford the cost of the treatment. Luckily, the vet contacted us and we took him into rescue. Murphy had to have a screw placed in his leg in the hopes that it will grow naturally as he continues to grow.   Update: Murphy is doing wonderful!  He is a typical energetic young Dalmatian who runs and jumps and plays like and is as good as new.  He is now known as Rascal and is part of the cast of the touring production of The 101 Dalmatians Musical!  Check out the video Rascal – The 101 Dalmatians Musical , he is all grown up and has quickly become one of the trainer\’s favorites!

Now that the show is over, Murphy is now living in a happy home where he keeps his mom and dad very busy with his antics!

Vet Bills: $1600


bffs bert and jada

Jada is a 2-3 year old female dalmatian. She was found as a stray and turned out to be heartworm positive. She is young and energetic and will be hard to keep quiet during her months of heartworm treatment.   Update: Jada has completed her heartworm treatment and is loving the plush life – she (along with Murphy) is also part of the touring production of The 101 Dalmatians Musical Such a happy ending for a sweet little girl.  The second picture is of Jada training for the musical.   Here is a video of Jada with the trainer for the musical.

After the show, Jada was such a great, trainable Dalmatian that she is now performing at Sea World in Orlando in the Pet’s Ahoy show.  When her performing days are over, she will return to the rescue to be placed in a forever home.

Vet Bills: $500


We were contacted by a family about Ace, their 7 year old male dalmatian  who has been a chronic stone former. They did not think they could keep him due to the ongoing medical costs. We agreed to evaluate him and have our vet assess his condition. While he was at our vet, he blocked and needed emergency surgery to have a new urethra. Happily, Ace is still with his family (who is very grateful that we could help), however, the surgery

and all medical costs paid by the rescue were $1300. The family is assisting with fundraising for the rescue but any donations to help cover the cost would be appreciated. Update: Unfortunately, Ace\’s family was unable to continue to care for him and surrendered him to the care of our vet who was treating him.  But, this story has a happy ending, Ace was adopted by one of the vet techs and is loved and well cared for!

Vet Bills: $1300


Sugar is an 8 year old deaf female dalmatian who was taken to her local shelter because the other dogs in her home didn\’t like her and kept attacking her. In fact, she came to us with a horrible puncture wound that had abscessed and ruptured. The wound is healed and we are working with Sugar on being around dogs and not being afraid of them.  Update: Wonderful news that Sugar is in a forever home and is getting along well with her two doggy siblings!  Sugar has learned that not all dogs will hurt her and has a wonderful, loving home.

Vet Bills: $400



April is a beautiful 8 year old female dalmatian who was taken to the shelter by her owners because they said she kept losing weight. We rescued this frail girl to find out that she was heartworm positive. She has made it through all of her treatment but suffered some side effects which cost additional money. She is now very happy in her foster home and starting to thrive and put on weight.

Vet Bills: $800


Turk is a, 11 year old male Dalmatian that has touched so many hearts. We were contacted by Dogs Deserve Better because Turk was a Dalmatian who had been chained for 11 years!! We moved heaven and earth and thanks to a lot of volunteers, we were able to get him into rescue. However, the news was sad. Turk of course was older and the years of inhumane care had taken their toll. He was arthritic (which was the least of his problems) and also in the early stages of kidney failure. He had no control of his bladder, most likely due to having virtually no mobility or feeling of his entire hind end. He was moved to the Director\’s home in Dallas where the winter temperatures were warmer so that he could live out whatever time he had left. Unfortunately, it wasn\’t much. He passed away only a few weeks later but he was not alone. Turk is the reminder of why we do rescue.

Vet Bills: $1200


Jubilee is a 6 month old female dalmatian mix whose big eyes are sad and woeful right now. So far, her short life of only six months has been one of absolute misery and enormous hunger. If ever there was a pup that needs and deserves loving, Jubilee does. She is severely underweight and malnourished at only 26½ pounds. She hasn\’t much interest in treats, cookies, peanut butter, cheese, or hamburger — things that normally drive dogs wild. She simply has been hungry for so long that she has lost her interest / knowledge in eating anything. Imagine being so hungry that you would have to re-learn to eat.

In spite of her miserable start to life, she is sweet and gentle.

We\’d like to say that Jubilee is on the road to recovery — but on Thursday, 10/16, she was hospitalized due to pneumonia and is on IV fluids.

Update: We are happy to report that as of 10/24, she has been removed from the isolation room at the hospital and is eating well. She continues to receive humidifier treatments and take antibiotics as there is still fluid in her lungs — and she is coughing a lot, but she is now as bouncy and curious as a 5-month old pup should be. She should be ready for her spay in another couple of weeks — and then will be adoption ready!!  Update: Jubilee made a full recovery and is now living happily in her forever home.

Vet Bills: $1000+


Windy is a 3-5 year old female Dalmatian. Rescued on 9/17/08 from Clark Co (OH), we discovered a tumor on her torso and one on her leg which turned out to be mast cell disease (cancer). Since then, she has recovered from kennel cough and has had a series of bloodwork tests performed, multiple urinalyses, and taken her prescribed prednisone like a champ — and this past Monday (10/20/08) had both tumors removed — plus a third that was discovered while she was on the operating table. All we can do now is wait for the pathology report and prognosis before determining any next steps.

UPDATE 10/28/08: 2 of the 3 tumors were excised with clean margins (chest & inside thigh). The elbow tumor was not cleanly excised but all three were low-level in terms of cancer. They were all Grade II, Index 2. Average life span is approx 70 months from excision. All we have to do is watch the elbow for any recurrence, which may never happen.

Windy is ready to go to her forever home! She has been living in a foster home and is a delightful girl (except in the car!!!) who does not know she is sick. She gets along with everyone and makes us laugh! She sleeps under the covers … she always wants to be with her people. I am hoping really really hard that she gets to enjoy a long, loving life with a forever home. Of course, Windy\’s treatment so far is more than the Rescue can financially handle, so any donations you might wish to make on her behalf/toward her care, would be greatly appreciated.

Vet Bills: $1000+


M & M

M & M is a 5 year old male dalmatian who was hit by Car (HBC) in Clark Co., Ohio. This Liver Dalmatian mix was brought into SCDR on an emergency transport on Tuesday night, November 27, 2006. He had been hit by a car and left for dead in the road on the Friday following Thanksgiving. As sweet as can be, and in love with all people, this 5 year old boy wanted nothing but affection, in spite of his broken jaw and a neck injury which made him unable to walk or bear weight on any leg. He remains hospitalized and has shown improvement since having his jaw set. X-rays show possible damage to C-5 disc but the daily improvement in his ability to stand/walk causes the veterinarians to believe that he may fully recover with no permanent damage. M & M is very emaciated and needs to gain approximately 15 to 20 pounds (estimated maximum weight should be 50#). The wire in his jaw will be removed by January 29th at which time he can be neutered.

Vet Bills: $1000


Clementine! Such sad, soulful eyes. This pretty 3 year old female Dalamatian/mix girl came to Second Chances as an emergency case from a shelter. Her uterus had prolapsed and required immediate spaying.
Even though in pain and feeling so sick, this patient and gentle girl allowed the vet and techs to prod and poke around deciding how to help her. Once her recovery is complete, Clementine will be going a foster home in southern Michigan to rest, recuperate and get ready to began a new life with the help of a caring family. You can make a difference by donating money to help with her medical expenses or opening your home to foster. Status: In Foster

Vet Bills: $670


Friendly, outgoing Jasper is a male dalmatian around 10 years old and weighs 55 pounds. Jasper has had several ailments which have been difficult to diagnose. As a result, numerous x-rays, blood panels and urinalyses have been run to determine why he is not gaining weight. Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $897


Spice, is a lightly spotted, 7 month old Dalmatian mix female puppy, rescued November 20, 2007 from an Ohio shelter. This sweet medium size, (14″ at the shoulder), beauty has a shaggy coat due to either collie or shepherd genetics. She arrived at the shelter with a badly injured hind leg, barely escaping immediate euthanization due to her pain and suffering. Our caring volunteers got Spice moved into surgery to repair the shattered ball joint in her right hip. She has recovered nicely, needing some daily physical therapy of moving the leg to prevent scar tissue build-up. Other than a small permanent limp and a funny gait; Spice has totally forgotten the injury and has no pain as she runs, leaps, and hops! Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $858


Sadie Sue

Sadly, this sweet little gal of 49 pounds has survived a rough life so far at only 4 years old! Her last owner neglected her and ignored trimming her nails to the point that the nails grew back into her sensitive pads. Careful trimming and loving care have cured that misery now, but left her with the habit of walking a bit bowlegged. At the time she was rescued, Sadie Sue was missing two thirds of her hair, due to untreated flea allergies. Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $700

Mrs Livingston

This pretty, soft spoken, 6 to 8 year old, gentle female dalmatian was rescued with serious wounds. Wounds caused by someone shooting hunting darts into her! There are some really nasty people in this world that enjoy causing misery! Her wounds were infected and quite painful and required a lot of loving care from a foster mom who has a very special way with sick dogs. Mrs. Livingston has come such a long way in the past month to recover from both abuse and neglect. Mrs. Livingston\’s last physical went very well. She is all better! Her eyes, heart, teeth all checked out good. Her wounds are healed and she is now ready for a forever home! Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $436


Daphne came into rescue as a emaciated and sick, heartworm positive, little girl. Timid around people at first, she has a sweet disposition. She learned very quickly that she doesn’t have to be afraid of them, along with the joy of everything soft! How she loves snuggling on beds, couch and blankets! With typical Dalmatian adaptability, she is okay with going into a crate and she sleeps all night so housebreaking is progressing. Heartworm treatment is costly with some kind donations needed to cover getting help this girl back to being healthy and adoptable. Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $1200


Life has been very hard for this young female dalmatian around 3 years old. Rescued from a shelter in Fort Worth, Texas, she was pregnant with 9 puppies, had been abused and had heartworm. A little dog of 45 pounds, Sydney deserves a loving home with someone who cares about her. For a young Dalmatian she is very calm and does great with other dogs while totally ignoring cats. While submissive and shy around new people, she warms up after a bit. She can be timid around men, brooms and hoses due to the abuse she has suffered. Status: Adopted

Vet Bills: $1600