The Cost of Rescue

Do you ever wonder where your donation dollars go? Or why we charge an adoption fee?

Below are the costs that we incur on every Dalmatian we bring into rescue.


For a healthy Dalmatian:

  • Medical exam $35
  • Spay $155
  • Neuter $126
  • Microchip $10
  • Rabies vaccination $23
  • HLPP (7 way vaccination) $26
  • Heartworm test $45
  • Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination $24
  • Urinalysis $35

Total costs for a HEALTHY female: $353

Total costs for a HEALTHY male: $324

Additional costs are necessary for those Dalmatians who come to us in need of medical care. These are some of the most common procedures we do:

  • Dental $91
  • Heartworm Treatment $350 to $800
  • X-rays $105
  • Mass Aspirations $21 per mass
  • Bloodwork $93
  • Biopsy $160
  • Ear Swab $17
  • Boarding $22 per night
  • Fecal exam $23
  • Panacur $85

Expenses that our foster homes incur:

* Monthly heartworm prevention $5
* Monthly flea medication $6
* Monthly cost of food (we recommend feeding Nutro due to the low purine content) $40

Each year, we incur approximately $25,000 in vet bills.  We work with wonderful veterinarians who support our rescue efforts by offering us discounts on their services.  However, due to the number of Dalmatians we rescue each year (approximately 100) and the lack of medical care previously provided by their owners, this is the single largest expense that we have.

To view more about our financial information, please visit GuideStar – we are a GuideStar Valued Partner