Did You Know?

  • Dalmatians typically weigh between 40 to 60 pounds
  • Dalmatians are loyal and loving companions
  • Dalmatians shed twice a year – 6 months in the spring and 6 months in the fall!
  • Dalmatians are very people/family oriented and do not adapt to being outside dogs or kennel dogs due to the lack of human interaction
  • Dalmatians are genetically predisposed to having a problem processing purine forming proteins which may cause Kidney stones. Dalmatians should be fed a non-beef based diet and one that is low in purines
  • Dalmatians can be deaf, most are not (only 12% of all Dalmatians are born deaf in both ears)
  • Dalmatians are very clever and intelligent
  • Dalmatians can be rather active but do mellow as they get older. Dalmatians require regular exercise but older Dals tend to be couch potatoes!
  • Due to a Dalmatians size and activity level, they do better in a household with older children.
  • Dalmatians live an average of 10-12 years – be prepared to make a lifetime commitment before adopting a Dalmatian

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