Hugs and Kisses Journey from South Korea


Meet Hugs and Kisses – two Dalmatians who are currently near Seoul, Korea.  We were contacted about them by a volunteer with the Asan Animal Shelter.  Hugs and Kisses were on their way to the meat market (being taken there by their owner) when a good samaritan purchased them to save them from a horrible fate.

Now they are at a shelter, being kept outside in less than ideal conditions, being fed raw meat as their only food.  The shelter is located on a mountainside and the winters are harsh as all of the dogs are kept outside.  Many do not survive the winter.

Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue has committed to rescuing Hugs and Kisses and flying them to the States so they can get into foster homes and eventually be adopted out to loving forever homes.  We have already paid $400 for both dogs to get all of the needed shots in order to make the trip overseas.  Unfortunately we learned that Kisses (the male) is heartworm positive.  He will receive treatment as soon as he gets to the US.

In order to fly them to the US, we will have to pay $2860 in airfare to send them from Seoul, Korea non-stop to JFK.  Our goal is to send them as soon as their quarantine is up on December 5th.  So, we have less than a month to raise nearly $3000 to help give these two a new start on life.  They will not survive in the shelter in Korea over the winter.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation today to help us raise the funds needed for Hugs and Kisses airfare!  No amount is too small and any donation is appreciated.

Total Raised as of 11/5/2010: $3000+!!  Thank you everyone for your outpouring of generosity to help us get Hugs and Kisses to the states! The great news is, we are going to be able to fly them to us sooner, hopefully by November, 18th!

Update: Hugs and Kisses are scheduled to land at Dulles on November 18th at 10:00am!  Thank you for the donations, we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support

Here are Hugs and Kisses at the vet clinic where they are spending the night before their flight:


Hugs and Kisses are now safely in the USA!  They arrived at Dulles right on time and they are doing remarkably well given everything they have endured.  They are slowly adjusting to their new temporary foster home, getting lots of food and water and will be getting a check up soon.  Hugs is a little more outgoing and has warmed up quickly and she is very playful.  Kisses is much more timid and scared.  We are making progress slowly and after only 24 hours, he is coming right along and starting to come up to me for pets.

Arriving at Dulles

Playing! Happy and Safe

11/19/2010: Today they had their first venture into the backyard to run around and boy did they have a ball!

Running Free!!!

It is with much sadness that we have to report that Kisses has passed away.  He was being treated for his heartworm and died during treatment.  The infestation was great and he had abnormal liver and kidney values.  The only solace is that he did experience running free, a warm bed and lots of love during his short time in the US.  He will never be forgotten

RIP Kisses