MO Puppy Mill Dals

On September 8th, 2012 SCDR learned of a puppy mill in Missouri who was going out of business and took her entire breeding stock (including 20 Dalmatians) to an auction company in Missouri.  Luckily, through the efforts of many, all 20 Dalmatians were purchased (yes, we had to purchase them) by several rescue groups and the herculean task of getting them to rescue began.  Within 12 hours we had a plan in place and a volunteer (thank you Natalie) to help us get these boys out of the auction house and to Ohio ASAP.  By Tuesday night, all 5 were in Ohio and had received what was probably their first but much needed bath!

Benny being so good for his first bath

Billy, so so scared

Sidney in the worst shape of all

Markie wasn't too sure about the bath

Porter - so unsure of this new world













To date, we have spent over $3000.00 to get these 5 boys into our program.  We had to pay $315 for each dog; pay to fly a volunteer to MO and rent a van to drive them back to Ohio; crates for the transport; boarding for all 5 until we can get them moved to foster homes; vetting and neutering for all 5….we didn’t hesitate to get these Dalmatians out of the breeding system but now we need your help!  Please consider making a tax-exempt donation to our rescue by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button.

We will be updating our website and Facebook page regularly as they progress during their time in rescue.  Right now, they are very very scared as they have never known life outside of a 4×4 pen and with very little human contact.  They are very shut down but we know they have the capacity to learn to trust and love again, it will just take time, love and patience.

Benny - absolutely stunning boy

Benny – he is approximately 2 1/2 years old.  He is very scared but somewhat curious about his new surroundings.  However, it is heartbreaking to see him shake and flinch when you try to pet him.  He has likely not known the touch of a gentle hand but his past is just that and his future will be filled with nothing but love!




Billy likes the security of his crate

Billy is Benny’s littermate and is much more timid than his brother.  He too flinches at every touch but has never shown the slightest bit of aggression – he just tries to shrink down to as small as possible and look away.  He will take some time to learn to trust again and that people are not bad.  He keeps close to the ground and prefers to stay in smaller spaces




Markie - not so sure of this new world

Markie is probably the most outgoing of the group (and that isn’t saying much, unfortunately).  He has shown the most curiosity so far and you can tell that he wants so badly to love, he just isn’t sure.  He will actually walk somewhat upright when on a leash although he does get a panicked look in his eye when in open spaces




Sidney in the corner of the vet's office

Sidney – he is older, probably 5-6 years old.  When he came to us he was loaded with fleas and ticks, is overweight and fairly depressed.  A trip to the vet revealed a skin infection and ear infection.  Sidney is now on antibiotics and has been bathed to get rid of the fleas and ticks.  He is so sweet and will literally let people poke and prod at him without so much as a grumble.  He needs some encouragement walking in large open spaces and needs to be helped along.  Hopefully time and healing will help him gain some confidence



Porter - a liver boy

This is Porter – also about 3 years old and a liver boy.  He also has a panicked reaction when in open spaces – he just looks for a way to escape.  He doesn’t make eye contact but he will give you a quick lick then run away.  Like the others, we know he has the capacity to forget his former life and blossom into a loving dog




10/25/2012: The Dals that we rescued from the Missouri Puppy Mill have now been in rescue for a little over a month.  And while the progress is slow, they are making slow improvement and learning to be real dogs! All of them are in foster homes with the exception of Billy but he is receiving excellent care at Hocking Hills Boarding Kennel.  Porter is now able to be outside in the backyard without being too overwhelmed although loud noises still scare him.  He is doing better on his walks and he is slowly learning to trust his foster family.






Sidney is learning that life outside of his crate isn’t so bad.  He no longer has to be coaxed out of his crate, he will come out on his own and go look for his foster dad.  He gets along well with his foster brother Freeway.  Slowly but surely, Sidney is learning that life in a real home is pretty good!

12/10/2012 Update: Sidney is now in his forever home!!






Markie is making the most progress by far – he has actually come a long way and is actually outgoing compared to the rest of the crew!  He is curious and oh so anxious to be a normal dog, he is still figuring out just how to do that.  He has discovered the comfort of sleeping on the cushy dog bed that is in the closet (he feels safe that way)






Benny is also doing well and is slowly adapting to his new foster home.  He likes his walks and seems to do better with other dogs who can show him the ropes.  Here he is with Markie after a walk together

12/10/2012 Update: Benny is now in his forever home!!





Billy is the slowest to adjust but he is making progress.  He recognizes his name and actually looks forward to his walks.  He is curious but prefers to observe things from a safe distance.  Baby steps but he is slowly coming out of his shell.  Many thanks to John for working with him until we find a foster home for him

12/10/2012 update: Billy finally has a foster home!






Many many thanks to the wonderful people who have taken these boys into their homes and let them into their hearts.  The rewards of seeing them progress and discover a truly new life is priceless and it is why we do what we do!